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Cover image and interior photograph © Cheryll Romanek.

© 2016 by Ann Chiappetta

Guide dogs, death, and a disturbing dream. Marriage, memories, and intriguing mysteries. Eroticism, abortion, and a wonderfully poetic essay. In this collection of 23 of her short, accessible poems from several decades, Ann Chiappetta explores an enormous range of emotions and topics.

"Orbituary" mourns the removal of an eye. "Verona" and "In Those Dark Moments" are tributes to her beloved guide dog. "Appearances" offers reflections on adjusting to blindness. Four of the poems deal with the illness and death of others and her enduring grief. "Root Cellar" is like a miniature horror movie. "The Marriage Pot" employs a much-used spaghetti pot as a symbol for the vicissitudes of a long marriage. "Helium" offers a balloon's view of its surroundings. "NoneTheWiser" gives us the words of an unconventional little girl.

These poems may variously pierce your heart or warm it, surprise you or amuse you. But they will surely move you and make for lasting memories.

Edited by David and Leonore H. Dvorkin
Cover by David Dvorkin


This poem appears in the book. A photograph of Verona follows the poem.

I wait for the knock
Once it comes my life will change forever

Since I arrived
For two days and nights

For my entire life until now

I've waited

I sit on the bed
Wondering how it will feel an hour from now
And go numb with nerves

Questions scroll across the marquee of my mind
What will she be like?
Will she like me, learn to love me?

The hot red letters of doubt scroll past
Can she guide me?
Will I be able to trust her?

Then the knock comes and my heart jumps
"Come in," I say
Hoping I can open my heart with as much ease as the door.

I hear her nails click on the floor
I put out a hand, touch her head
She licks me, tail wagging
"Ann, this is Verona," the trainer says

I don't really know what to say or how to feel
But her presence soothes me

"Aren't you a beautiful girl?" I coo as the trainer leaves
We sit on the floor together

The marquee of doubt vanishes
The blocky, red letters fade
Replaced by a message of calm, canine acceptance
Dressed in ebony

She settles her head in my lap
Each stroke of my hand
Strengthens the hope, quiets the fear
The questions dissipate with the knowledge
—Stroke by stroke—
That she is the one who will lead me


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About the Author

Ann Chiappetta
Ann Chiappetta
Photograph © Cheryll Romanek.

Ann Chiappetta's poems, articles, and short fiction have appeared in both print and online publications, most notably Dialogue magazine, Matilda Ziegler online magazine, and other small press reviews. Her poetry has been featured in Lucidity, Midwest Poetry Review, Magnets and Ladders, and Breath & Shadow. She is also a contributing editor of the last-named publication.

Ann holds a Master of Science degree in marriage and family therapy and currently practices as a readjustment counseling therapist for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

She lives in New Rochelle, New York with her husband, daughter, and assorted pets.

To read more of her writing, go to her blog:
Twitter: AnnieDungarees

Contact Information
Cell phone: 914-393-6605