Keziah Morgan

Sam and Lola: The Meeting

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Sam the dachshund and Lola the bulldog meet with a crash — of the wooden fence, that is.

Lola, who was a stray, is eager for them to be friends. Sam, not so much. Is Lola really coming to live with him, his family, and the cat?

Sam is ready to take off when Lola begs him to help her rescue another neighborhood dog, Pebbles. The poor guy is in a really tight spot.

For this job, they need both Sam's brains and lots of drippy drooling from Lola!

But is Lola really coming to live with Sam? And will she get to meet the cat?

Look for more adventures of Sam and Lola in coming books.

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About the Author

Keziah Morgan lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband, Mike, their two teen daughters, Lucy and Lily, Sam the dog, Rudy the cat, and Coco the hamster.

Lola passed away suddenly from lymphoma in July of 2023. They only had her for seven months, and Keziah was so sad to lose her that she wanted to write some adventures that Lola never got to have.

This is her first book, and she plans on writing more Sam and Lola books to keep Lola's memory alive.

Two days after this was written, Coco passed away. There will now be a new story about Keziah's favorite hamster, whom she is going to miss dearly.

Sam and Keziah

About the Artist

Mardi Mitchell is a retired architect and continuing artist, mainly in watercolor, showing on Galveston Island, Texas.