Lisbeth Ann Williams

About the Author

Under the guidance of Dr. William J. L. Sladen, to whom her book is dedicated, Lisbeth Ann Williams helped to care for a collection of over 70 swans in Virginia—first as a volunteer, then as a contractor/consultant. She has also completed Master Gardener training. She is the sole proprietor of Swan Sanctuary, which she founded in 2010. She continues to write and garden, and is available for consultations on swan care.

Contact Information

Phone: (540) 395-9822

Swan Sanctuary's Guide
to Responsible Swan Stewardship

Swan Sanctuary Guide book cover

About the Book

Based on the author's personal experience with the Swan Research Program in Warrenton, Virginia, this book is a detailed and innovative guide to swan care. Augmented by numerous drawings and charts, it provides extensive information on the trapping, feeding, health, and year–round care of captive swans. All seven swan species are discussed, with special attention given to the Trumpeter and Tundra swans (the two species native to the U.S.), as well as to the invasive, non–native Mute swan. In just over 150 pages, the manual covers not only all aspects of swan care, but also seeks to raise environmental awareness and to address various moral and legal ramifications of the keeping of captive swans.

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