Michael W. Moran

I Did It Without Looking

A Blind Man's Recovery from Addiction

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"I am blind, and I'm an alcoholic," says Michael W. Moran in his introduction. There was no cure for the congenital glaucoma that caused his blindness, but thanks to a 12-step program and lots of help from others, he put down the drinks and drugs in 1982.

Now, 42 years later, he's put together this heartfelt narrative of the main events of his life. The often shocking negatives include the abuse that he and his classmates endured at a Catholic school for the blind, when and how he was introduced to alcohol, and his many failed relationships — for which he blames no one but himself.

The positives include his lifelong love of music, the degrees and certifications he earned, the wide variety of jobs he's held, his reconciliation with various people from his past, his love for and help from guide dogs, and his current Christian faith. The self-reflective, giving, and forward-looking man that Michael is today is eloquently described by his musician friend Dion DiMucci and the Reverend Elizabeth Enright. Their testimonials introduce and conclude the book.

Michael doesn't want to be seen as "that amazing blind man." He didn't write his memoir to impress anyone. "My wish for you," he says simply and sincerely, "is that you find the following chapters entertaining, educational, and perhaps uplifting."

Description of the Cover for Blind and Visually Impaired Readers

The cover photo shows the young Michael Moran, dark-haired and wearing dark glasses, dressed in jeans and a brown leather jacket. He is walking confidently toward the viewer on a city street, accompanied by his German Shepherd guide dog. The main cover colors are beige, gray, pale yellow, and brown. The title, in pale yellow letters, is centered at the top. The author's name and DiMucci's are at the bottom left in dark brown. The synopsis is on the pale gray back cover in black letters, and a contemporary head shot of Michael is in the lower left corner. The head shot is cropped from the larger photo of Michael and DiMucci that follows the Foreword.

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About the Author

Michael Moran has always been a spark of love and light, a person alive to life's possibilities, who possessed a curiosity and a sense of humor far beyond his years.

I've known Michael since he was an eight-year-old Cub Scout in Jersey City, New Jersey. Fast forward to adulthood, when I was asked to interview Michael for a position with the Jersey City Nader's Raiders (or so we thought of ourselves), officially known as the Mayor's Action Bureau. The Bureau advocated for all citizens, regardless of their politics.

Not a 24-hour call center operation, it required many field trips to evaluate issues. Michael demonstrated that he still had the curiosity needed to do root-cause analysis and the creativity to problem solve in unique ways, innovatively resolving client issues. He was a raconteur, using his humor to de-escalate many a volatile interaction. Combining humor with a sense of urgency, he rescued overzealous team members who had charged into the great unknown, often at their own peril.

Michael is the father of two children, Kelly and Michael, and he has proved himself to be a loving force for good in their lives. He has demonstrated unconditional love and has taught them, by example, not to believe their inner critic but the truth, that they were loved and are lovable.

As a blind man alive at a time when employment was difficult to nonexistent for the physically challenged, Michael was driven by the need to know "I am enough" in order to embrace apparently insurmountable obstacles. He directed films, became a founding member of The Kensingtons (an East Coast club act), did commercial voiceovers, and established an in-home recording studio. An entrepreneur, he proved to be a force of nature, earning income and SAG and AFTRA memberships from self-employment. A trailblazing teacher, he demonstrated to the entertainment industry — before the advent of modern technology — how to utilize his gifts.

Interacting with Michael also meant being with Rick, his handsome, loving, wise German Shepherd partner trained at The Seeing Eye, Inc. guide dog school in Morristown, New Jersey. Michael later became their field representative, informing others about the many advantages of their program by delivering workshops, seminars, and speeches to orientation/mobility professionals and new applicants by independently traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Michael earned two master's degrees in Special Education and Health Administration, a Certification in Drug and Alcohol Counseling, plus a Marriage and Family Therapist license. A lifelong learner, he is now conscious that he is enough, a glorious child of the Divine, and no longer needs external validation. The depth of his understanding is now manifested by his practice of an internally driven, spiritually based 12-step program.

Michael exemplifies courage, optimism, and patience. He freely and openly shares wisdom garnered from his life's experiences as he removes pebbles on his path to spiritual enlightenment. He embraces all his selves, resulting in self–love and love of others. He shares life with his amazing, supportive wife, Jean, plus his children, grandchildren, and all others whom he encounters, by being love in action.

Michael has written about his life's lessons in this profound and revealing book. May it touch your heart and inspire you to right action as his life continues to touch mine and many others.

Much love and many blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth Enright, Interfaith Minister

Michael Moran lives in Toms River, New Jersey, with his wife, Jean, and his Seeing Eye dog, Carson.

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Email: michaelmoran754@outlook.com
Phone: 201-906-8524

photograph of michael and dion
Michael and Dion DiMucci