359 Coggeshall Street, New Bedford MA 02746
Telephone: 508-994-4972

About Robert

Seeking a career in writing for newspapers and magazines


Excellent communication skills
A strong ability to share experiences with others
Highly motivated and action-oriented


Media/Public Relations Regional Liaison for Project Starfish, 2013 to the present
Publisher of a consumer magazine, 2006 to present
Columnist, Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind, 2010 to the present
Columnist, The Standard Times, 1995-1997
Frequent writer to national magazines for the blind
Writes letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines


My Home Away From Home: Life at Perkins School for the Blind, 2013
As I See It: From a Blind Man's Perspective, Revised and Expanded Edition, 2013
Weighing Things Up: Essays on Trends, Technology, and Present-Day Society, 2014


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, BS in Finance, 1983
Bristol Community College, AA in Business, 1981


Commissioner of a softball league, 2006 to 2013
President of a bowling league, 1994-2001, 2002-2008, 2010 to the present
Member of the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Regional Advisory Council, 2012 to the present
Trivia coordinator and host for groups of citizens who enjoy playing trivia games

Salary negotiable

References furnished upon request