Robert D. Sollars

Between Two
and Other Tales of Love and Romance

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Buckle up for the usual wild ride when it comes to Robert Sollars' fiction. Don't let the title fool you. There's almost no conventional romance to be found here, as that's not the author's style. While it's true that the majority of the 17 stories have satisfying or even touching endings, in order to get there, you'll most often move through supernatural or science fictional settings featuring a lot of blood and conflict.

Here's a sample of what's in store for you.

"A Perfect Crist Maz" demonstrates that opposites can attract even among aliens. The long title story, "Between Two," gives us a delicious mixture of sex and surprises. In "Saving Sonja," Larry learns that the past can't be changed for the betterment of one person or even two. "The Soul Can Be Frozen" is the grimmest of the tales, taking the reader on a literally long, cold road with no warmth or redemption at the end. By contrast, "I Wish…" is the touching story of a man who turns into a sentient teddy bear and finally finds the love he craves.

The collection concludes with "The Conversation," a short, intriguing tale involving a man and his strong–willed, loquacious cat. It could almost be the first act of a play for which you're invited to write your own conclusion. Whether you do that or not, the author would no doubt love to hear your reactions to his writing. His contact information is below.

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Evil Does as Evil Is

And Other Dark Tales

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Horror in a hoarder house. Vividly imagined murder. A battered woman's surprise protectors. Human kindness during the apocalypse. A deep freeze with no escape. People from a man's past who have come back to punish him. And yes, cigarettes can kill you.

These are just a few of the plot elements found in this grim, graphic, imaginative collection. As you read, prepare to meet demons, clowns, snakes, aliens, and vengeful former lovers in highly original situations. Not for nothing does the author warn the reader, in an introductory note, that the content may be too intense for some. But fans of horror films and fiction have a lot to look forward to.

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Legend of Three

Book One: The Rise of Marpartronia

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"Children, children, listen to me," said the regal, bearded teacher. "I'll begin today's history lesson with Marpatronia's greatest achievement. This story is very old and concerns some of the greatest heroes and heroines that our realm has ever known. All of this occurred more than a thousand years ago."

"Do you mean you're going to tell us about Lord Robywt, Aileen, and Angela?" a boy asked excitedly.

"You'll see when I start, little Ebanon." The child was named for one of the heroes of old.

Mr. Roberts began: "The world was stunningly beautiful, full of peace, brotherhood, and understanding. That is, until the grumblings—and understand, children, that their name is never capitalized—appeared seemingly out of nowhere."

"Hordes on the horizon! Hordes on the horizon!" the booming voice of the captain of the guard called from the east wall. Then from the south wall and the north and the west came the same cry.

Thus begins the tale of two warring realms, rage and revenge, love and passion, familial bonds broken and restored, magic and heroism — and a seductive scepter whose full power is yet to be revealed.

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Murder at Work

A Practical Guide for Prevention

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The statistics are startling.

The #1 killer of employees on the job is traffic accidents. The #2 killer is falls. But the #3 killer is murder — and it's #1 for women. In addition, millions of Americans are threatened or harassed at work every year.

Far too often, managers believe that the solution to workplace violence is complicated — so complicated that it's not worth investigating. If they do pursue the issue, they too often make the mistake of thinking that following a cookie-cutter plan from a book or guidelines from a professional organization is good enough.

This book does not have all the answers to the issue of workplace violence. No single book, expert, or organization does. Sometimes such violence is unavoidable, as you will read.

Whether you have five employees or 5,000, you need to learn how to physically secure your property, how to reduce the risk of a violent incident, and how to recover in the event of one.

In this book's 21 well-organized chapters, you'll learn what workplace violence is, how to spot warning signs, how best to communicate with your employees concerning workplace violence, and much more — all from an expert with nearly 40 years of experience in the security field.

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Unconventional Customer Service

How To Break the Rules and Provide Unparalleled Service

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Welcome to Unconventional Customer Service: How To Break the Rules and Provide Unparalleled Service. This book was designed to assist you and your company in the pursuit of providing excellent customer service to those who count the most in your business.

The basic precepts that I present here are as applicable to a salesman selling knickknacks as they are to a security officer walking a patrol in a dark warehouse at 3:00 a.m. Excellent customer service is what customers want above all.

Over my decades of working in many capacities for many different types of companies, I have personally used all of these ideas, and they've all worked extremely well and achieved great client satisfaction. They may need some tweaking to fit your company, but they will work. I guarantee it.

Knowing Robert for the past 30 years, I've seen his unconventional customer service grow in popularity. It simply works! I would not hesitate to recommend that you consider his expertise and his passion for assisting others with this issue.
—Jerold A. Ramos Sr., CFE, CPP, CRM, CMMR

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Murder in the Classroom

A Practical Guide for Prevention

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School violence can happen anywhere and at any time, in big schools and small ones, in big cities and small towns. The perpetrators can range from social misfits to seemingly nice, well−adjusted kids. But that doesn't mean that we're helpless to prevent, or at least minimize, school violence.

In this book, Robert D. Sollars, a security professional, describes the early signs of violence teachers and school administrators must look for. He discusses the need for changes to school buildings—from building layout to the type of door each classroom should have. He doesn't limit himself to what schools should do; he also talks about what parents must do at home.

As he says in the Introduction, "These ideas will work for any size school or district. You have to tweak them for your own use, but they will work. I certainly believe that the lives of our children, the future of this country, are much more important than any ideological political arguments, left or right."

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Essay in Anthology

Robert's essay, "Dodging Tornados in Tornado Alley," is included in the anthology Strange Weather Anthology: True Quirks of Nature. For more information about the anthology, please click on this link:

About the Author

Robert D. Sollars has more than three decades of experience in the security field. He has held various management positions at both national and regional security companies in St. Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri. He is also a prolific writer, having published more than 75 articles, and has appeared on radio and television. He has appeared in the media as an expert more than 150 times, including stints as a featured expert on two radio shows in Phoenix.

Robert has worked in varied fields and positions in his career. While he has been in security for most of his career, he has also had stints in day labor companies (as a dispatcher and laborer), in restaurants, sales, janitorial services, call centers, and finally in human resources positions.

Throughout his career, Robert has worked with all entities to ensure that they received the services they were working or paying for. He accomplished this with methods that have been variously described as innovative, quirky, creative, weird, stupid, and unworkable. But despite what naysayers have said, he has persisted and been successful during his career.

He has worked out details and come to conclusions that were both satisfactory and beneficial to every entity he has worked for — companies, officers, and clients. From employees who threatened to quit in the middle of a shift, leaving no one to protect the client's property, to clients who wanted to cancel contracts because of misinterpretation of their orders, Robert has experience handling it all.

He has been involved with school violence since learning of an incident south of his hometown in 1987, in Mid-Buchanan School District in Faucett, Missouri. He began studying, researching, and writing about workplace violence in 1991 and is considered an expert in both areas.

After going blind in July 2003, just six weeks after moving to the Phoenix area, Robert continued in his quest to increase security awareness. Being blind has given him a special insight and perspective into security and the introspection to begin writing in earnest. As he says, "Being blind forces you to listen more intently than seeing with your eyes alone."

Since that time, he has started a blog that is published twice weekly on his website,, as well as publishing two books on school and workplace violence prevention. Additionally, he has a book due in late 2018 on customer service. He has also published numerous other articles and appeared on many local and national shows as an expert.

Robert has three children and has always been concerned with their safety at school. While the chance of violence was remote where they went to school, he knows that it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any reason.

Robert and his wife, Eileen, live in Phoenix, Arizona with a very dutiful guardian watch cat, Brigadier General Jasmine Squeakers Long Hair, Chief of Cat Fleet Operations and Security. Robert swears that his former furry friends watch out for him as well. They include his former cats, Admiral K'reme, Former Chief of Cat Fleet Operations; Commander BooBoo, Chief of Cat Fleet Medical; and Gunnery Sergeant Missy Beagle, Field Commander of Ground Forces.

Contact Information

Telephone: 480-251-5197

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