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The Giant Collection of Catfish Baits and Rigs

Catfish Baits: Homebrew Recipes and Other Baits and Rigs That Really Work

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In this book, I cover some of the various baits used for catching the three more common kinds of Catfish: the Channel Cat, the Blue Cat, and the Flathead Cat. I talk about all kinds of baits, including Creepy Crawler Things, Live and Cut Bait, Pleasant Smelling Catfish Baits That Really Work, Home Brew Recipes and Concoctions, Commercial Dough, Punch, and Dip Baits, Chumming Techniques and Recipes to Bring 'Em In, and even artificials that are known to have caught Catfish. Then I wrap it up with Rigging Up For Striking Results and video suggestions full of catfishing action.

I focus on the things that most affect a Catfish's exceptionally keen sense of smell. While there are some classic Catfish baits with universal appeal, such as shads, worms, and chicken livers, the best Catfish bait to use on a fishing trip will depend on the type and size of Catfish you're targeting and the body of water you're fishing in. In most cases, you will have your best luck by figuring out what the Catfish are feeding on in the water where you are fishing and do your best to match that for your bait. Here, you will find out the best baits to use for the different types of Catfish.

I wrap everything up by discussing chumming techniques and the most popular and effective catfish rigs to use, followed by a list of videos you might find both interesting and educational on these general topics of baits and rigging.

This is a collection of Catfish baits that are known to work. However, it's only to give you an idea of the range of Catfish baits, both store–bought brands available and concoctions that you can make yourself. It is impossible to include all possible Catfish baits. The repertoire seems almost infinite! If you have something different from these, and it works for you, I invite you to send it to my email address so I can add it to my collection. Email me at:


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About Ron and Brad Milliman

The author, Dr. Ronald E. Milliman, is a retired Professor of Marketing from Western Kentucky University. His students used to call him Dr. Ron, but now he's just plain Ron and is often referred to as Dr. Catfish.

He learned to fish about as soon as he could hold a cane pole. His mom started teaching him how to fish on the lakes in Michigan, first for Perch and various Sunfish, and later for Northern Pike and other varieties, including Bullhead caught out of his uncle's farm pond. He has fished in the lakes of several states and Canada and especially enjoyed fishing off the southeast coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico and off the shores of Florida for all kinds of saltwater fish. But over the years, his consistent favorite has been Catfish, especially the big Blue Cats.

Ron and his son, Brad, the book's graphic illustrator, have been a fishing team practically since Brad was old enough to walk. Brad, too, has fished many lakes in several states, but he got his start in Michigan and the salt water of the Gulf of Mexico. While he has caught many different species of fish, both freshwater and saltwater, like his dad, his consistent favorite is the big Blue Cat. They frequently team up to fish for the varieties of fish caught in the waters of Lake Barkley in southwestern Kentucky, focusing primarily on Catfish and Stripers.

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