Stephen A. Theberge

The MetSche Message

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© 2016 by Stephen A. Theberge

Young Andre, with his severe visual disability, experiences years of alienation, frustration, and abiding sadness in the face of human beings' cruelty to one another. At his boarding school for the blind and then later at college, his sources of joy are few: good food, music, and computer science—and eventually, the arms of his lover, John. Only in middle age does he learn that he and a very few others have been chosen by two far superior alien races to deliver a crucial message to all of humankind.

The story is told primarily in the form of a long account of Andre's life: from his very earliest memories of being a visually impaired baby to the stunning visions of their planets imparted to him by the aliens, the Metans and Schegnans. Along with allowing him to view their beautiful present worlds, they show him the extremely violent past that they have evolved beyond.

Can human beings ever do the same? Will Andre, John, and the two psychiatrists who are also privy to the aliens' powerful message be able to convince others on Earth to listen and learn?

Readers are left to imagine their own answers to these questions. What they could never doubt are the emotion and deep humanity from which this imaginative and poignant story obviously springs.

Edited by David and Leonore H. Dvorkin
Cover by David Dvorkin

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The MetSche Maelstrom

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© 2018 by Stephen A. Theberge

As the story begins, there is deep discord in the MetSche Alliance. In addition, a rogue MetSche hybrid, Padma, is determined to escape her place of birth and rule Earth with the cruelty that she herself experienced in youth. Andre, the human recipient of the profound MetSche message that was delivered in the prequel to this book, is wracked with guilt concerning his previous drug addiction, as well as with grief following the death of his long-time lover, John.

Attempting to come to his aid is Min, a kindly MetSche hybrid disguised as a cat. Andre, knowing that he must have further training before he can seek employment and attain stability, finds himself strongly drawn to the somewhat mysterious Jared at a vision rehabilitation center. Is there any hope for a relationship with him? And what of the beautiful planet with the yellow sky and the turquoise moon? Who are the benevolent but non-corporeal beings who show all this to Andre?

In this sequel to The MetSche Message, the author presents us with a true maelstrom of emotions and conflicts. Journey along with him to the surprise ending for all the main characters, both human and alien.

Edited by David and Leonore H. Dvorkin
Cover by David Dvorkin

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Appearances and Interviews

Interview on WARA Radio

On December 27, 2017, Stephen was interviewed on radio station WARA in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He discussed his book. To listen to the interview, please click here.

Interview on Perkins Alumni Radio

On March 13, 2017, Stephen was interviewed on Perkins Alumni Radio. He discussed his book and MBTA job. To listen to the interview, please click here.

Appearance at the Attleboro Public Library

On Saturday, October 8, 2016, Stephen took part in a forum about writing at a public library in his area. To read a newspaper story about the appearance, please click here. To see a video of the talk, please click here.

Interview on Branco Broadcast

Bob Branco interviewed Stephen on his Branco Broadcast show on March 21, 2016. To listen to the interview, please click here.

Interview on WJAR-10

This is an older interview with Stephen. It was uploaded to YouTube on April 30, 2016. To listen to the interview, please click here.

About Stephen A. Theberge
In His Own Words

photograph of stephen theberge

I was born in Lewiston, Maine in 1963. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Attleboro, Massachusetts with my parents and my siblings, Denyse and Remy.

In 1968, I began attending Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts as a residential student, graduating in 1982. I enrolled at Rhode Island College in 1982. I graduated from there in 1987 with a BA in computer science and a second BA in English literature, with a focus on creative, technical, and analytical writing.

In the late 1980s through the early 2000s, I tried my hand at my own business, which focused on software for the blind and visually impaired. I have done various types of work in Web testing, computer programming, and usability studies.

I am currently living in Attleboro, Massachusetts. I work for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority as an ADA Compliance Tester. I also work for companies as a Usability Tester for the blind and visually impaired.

Contact Information
Home phone: 508-226-2014
Cell phone: 508-431-7224